Grounded in community-building, fostering trust, and prioritizing the common good, Art Field Agency aims to fill the gaps and respond to artist’s needs.

– Jimmy LeFlore

We believe in the vision, creativity, skills, and talents of artists. They enrich our city in profound and meaningful ways. At Art Field, we know that investing in the arts and artists isn’t just good for our community—it also makes sound economic sense.

Our core values are grounded in community-building, fostering trust, and prioritizing the common good. We champion multidisciplinarity and inclusivity in the arts, aiming to expand personal and professional networks. 

We provide professional assistance, mentorship opportunities, and resources for artists and act as an advocacy hub for artists and supporters to build strong communities and positively impact San Antonio. 

Our core audiences include practicing artists, allied professionals, individuals eager to support the arts through their work, and advocates of the arts in San Antonio. 

We aspire to engage the broader community and forge partnerships with like-minded organizations, including professional advocacy groups and nonprofits in arts, culture, and preservation.

Led by Agency Chief Jimmy LeFlore, Art Field is fueled by a dedicated team of part-time admin consultants and supported by the valuable contributions of volunteer advisory committee members and working group participants. Together, we guide and deliver Art Field Programs with a shared commitment to artistic excellence.

Our immediate goals include establishing an Advisory Committee, and launching our Assistance, Mentorship, and Advocacy programs in 2024. By April 2024, we aim to have our first advocacy working group and at least 10 assistance and mentorship pairings. 

We plan to offer our first group professional assistance class, mentorship course, and public advocacy event in early-2024, requiring strategic partnerships, fundraising, and effective communication efforts. In the long term, our vision is to establish Art Field as the go-to resource for the San Antonio arts community.

You can download our introduction materials to learn more here.