Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Art Field Mentorship Program

Are you ready to take your artistic journey to the next level? This fall, we are thrilled to introduce our Art Field Mentorship Program—a unique opportunity for artists to grow, develop, and thrive in their creative careers.

What is the Art Field Mentorship Program?

Our Mentorship Program is your gateway to assessing your skills, building both short-term and long-term career development plans, expanding your professional network, and experiencing personal and artistic growth. It’s designed to empower artists at all stages of their careers.

How It Works

In this program, artists are paired with local mentors who are committed to supporting your artistic and professional growth. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds, including experienced artists and arts management professionals. Sometimes, we even collaborate with professionals from other fields, bringing fresh perspectives to your creative journey.

Tailored to Your Goals

We carefully match you with a mentor based on your unique goals, artistic discipline, and level of experience. Together, you’ll review our mentorship guidelines and craft an agreement that outlines your goals, priorities, meeting frequency, time commitment, and the duration of your mentorship.

The frequency and duration of your mentorship relationship are tailored to your interests and availability. We typically recommend a mentorship period of 4-6 months, involving 1-2 meetings per month. However, many of our mentorships evolve into long-term professional relationships, guided by your individual needs and aspirations.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you excited to embark on this enriching journey of personal and professional development? Becoming a mentor or mentee with Art Field is easy. Simply complete the form below to take the first step toward realizing your creative potential.

Your artistic growth awaits, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Jimmy LeFlore
Artist / Arts Advocate

He is a recovering former public art administrator and a practicing studio artist. In 2000 he founded Public Art San Antonio and oversaw its programs, including the launch of PASA’s mentorship programming.

He works as a consultant and is the gum-shoe detective and chief samaritan behind Art Field Agency.

Benefits for mentors

  • Contribute to San Antonio’s arts community by investing in our creative capital – Foster another artist’s personal and professional growth
  • Refine your own management, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Mentorship is a two-way street, and connecting with other artists expands your priorities and interests. You may discover your next step in the process.

Benefit for mentees

  • Gain support and knowledge. Mentors provide mentees with advice, wisdom, perspective, and encouragement that can move you forward.
  • Gain support and knowledge. Mentors provide mentees with advice, wisdom, perspective, and encouragement that can enhance your skills and understanding.
  • Mentorship fosters connection and community, which benefits the arts community and San Antonio as a whole. 
  • You will expand your network and potentially increase your income.