Advocacy Program

At Art Field, we ask ourselves questions like:

  • How can San Antonio become a destination for people seeking a comfortable life as a professional artist?
  • How can we preserve and grow our unique culture and heritage? 
  • What role can the arts play in making our communities better places to live – places of trust, joy, connection, interesting ideas, safety, and opportunity?
  • How can we best support the arts and the arts economy in San Antonio?
  • How can we support our artists to ensure their success?

Through our advocacy program, we seek answers and pursue solutions to the larger social, environmental, and cultural issues facing the arts community.

What we do.

Art Field engages in community programs that advance our values and mission and support the broader San Antonio arts community. Through task forces, advocacy campaigns, and support of arts organizations and causes throughout San Antonio, we will be ready to respond to opportunities and challenges as they arise.

To whom?

Through our network, we will be prepared to mobilize artists and arts supporters around important issues and organize task forces, volunteers, or events to engage in dialogue and advance solutions to community problems.

How will we do this?

We will create a project charter for each specific community project. Projects are evaluated based on their potential impact, resonance, and connection to Art Field values and the arts community at large. We prioritize high-impact, place-based projects that support San Antonio’s unique culture and make it a great place to be an artist.

Get started:

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Sarah Farwell
Urbanist / Curator

She develops and commissions art, design, policy, and multidisciplinary projects for public agencies, cultural organizations, and private institutions that improve public spaces and services, respond to context and stakeholder input, promote exchange and understanding, and deepen connections between communities and environments.